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Local Shopping Boom Expected to Continue& Outlast the Pandemic

According to two new surveys, consumers plan to continue to shop locally even after the pandemic, a real benefit to the UK’s small businesses.

The increase in the number of people shopping at their local small businesses has been one of the few positive stories to come out of the pandemic. With restrictions encouraging people to stay at home and much of the population working from home instead of commuting into city centres, consumers are rediscovering the shops on their doorstep.

But, will this continue - In other words, have people been shopping locally because they have to or because they want to?

Happily, two new surveys into post-pandemic shopping intentions indicate that the majority of UK consumers will continue to shop locally even once restrictions have been lifted and life gets back to normal.

So we must take from this that the local economy will bounce back quickly and vibrantly – opportunities to the existing & newly self-employed alike.

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