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Self Employed

This service encompasses all of the financial matters that concern individuals including tax planning, preparation of accounts and financial management.

Also, it is often the case, many people running small / medium sized firm’s are busy people which is why can arrange evening and weekend appointments to accommodate your timetable.

Issues affecting the self employed include time management – often busy with work during day, then need to maintain books and records – if this is not kept up to date then tax returns such as VAT can be delayed = penalties and possibly tax inspections.

We can help on these matters, we are mindful cost can be a disincentive so we do endeavour to keep our fees down as much as possible.


Cashflow is another major concern of sole traders and self employed persons and we can help – we have over 30 years experience and have also direct experience of running small businesses ourselves, so we do understand the pressures the self employed can find themselves under.

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